My Big Fat Greek Life (review)

Perhaps the crashing-and-burning of this crass attempt to turn box office gold into TV ratings will finally convince Hollywood execs that cross-medium success requires more than merely transferring a title and a star. But probably not. The “all seven episodes” of the “complete hilarious series” contained herein are some of the worst-written material ever to appear on prime-time television, the charmingly neurotic family of My Big Fat Greek Wedding transformed into something that would send even the most well-adjusted son or daughter running to a therapist… or Jerry Springer. Nia Vardalos, reprising her starring role, looks thoroughly embarrassed to be witnessing the trashing of her sweet little autobiographical movie, as well she should. The disc offers no extras, but the unintuitive and overly drawn-out episode-selection feature makes up for that by being extra annoying.

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