Wedding Peach (review)

It’s not quite the feminist nightmare it seems to be, but almost. As in most anime, it’s a Japanese schoolgirl causing all the to-do — here, it’s Momoko, who turns out to be the “legendary love angel Wedding Peach” in her “beautiful, magical wedding dress” destined to rescue humanity from “devils” who want to take all love out of the world. Oh dear. It’s kinda like The Powerpuff Girls, only unironic, not so much about girl power as girly power: Momoko is the pinkest, fluffiest heroine imaginable, giggling with her friends as they discuss their favorite ice cream flavors and chase boys while saving the planet from evil. Also featuring a big yellow blobby thing, a reject from the road show of Pokemon. Watch it in Japanese with English subtitles or dubbed into English.

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