Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special (review)

Conan’s nightly show may be hit or miss, but this compilation of his best-of, on the occasion of his first ten years on the air, is a riotous testament to his ongoing, quirky appeal. Practically a sendup of the talk show, Late Night with… here proves to be less “a decade of shameless ass-kissing,” as O’Brien here calls it, and more a lot of teasing, and a tad snide and meanspirited at that, at superstar guests: Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey, Martha Stewart, John Tesh, Jennifer Garner, and Halle Berry… though they give as good as they get, too. There’s plenty of the usual clip highlights that fill up these kinds of self-celebrations — including from the famous claymation episode and “The Conan O’Brien Story” starring Jim Carrey, and from the show’s forays outside the studio: to Ireland, to a day spa, into an NYC blizzard — but anniversary cameos like Mr. T, Snoop Dog, Will Farrell, and Jack Black roast O’Brien to a crisp, too. And delightfully, the extras are just more of the same absolutely hilarious, roar-out-loud stuff from the man whose his lifelong dream of being “that jackass who comes on after Leno” has come true.

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