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new on dvd: the perfect geeky love story, and more

If you’re looking for something a little different to rent this week, check out MirrorMask (not reviewed / buy at Amazon), a visual feast from the minds of comic-book uber geeks Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean — it’s a stunning example of how to do CGI on the cheap without sacrificing vision or imagination. Nine Lives (read my review / buy at Amazon) is at the other end of the spectrum: it couldn’t be lower tech and still be a movie, but it takes chances with form and structure to create a result that feels more like intimate theater than film.

Proof (not reviewed / buy at Amazon), based on the stage play, is more conventional, but it’s not too often you see math used as a metaphor for love — it’s a perfectly geeky love story. For an uplifting documentary, try Emmanuel’s Gift (read my review / buy at Amazon), about a man who doesn’t let his handicap slow him down.

DVD to avoid: Saw II (read my review / buy at Amazon), unless you’re into pointless sadism. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… No, wait, yes, there is.

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