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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

Significant Others: The Complete Series (review)

So few married people genuinely seem to enjoy marriage… and these four couples are not among them. This faux reality series combines the worst of reality TV with the worst of fictional shows: while pretending to offer a “real” look at the interpersonal trials and tribulations of “actual” couples, including “therapy sessions” in which they talk directly to the camera, a crew of improv actors create unscripted but thoroughly fictional scenarios that constitute excellent arguments to avoid wedding “bliss” forever. Making it all up as you go ain’t easy, and this cast is admittedly extremely talented… but these multiple iterations of the Bickersons aren’t pleasant to spend a lot of time with: they’re petty, nasty, and insecure, and that’s on their better days. If that’s your cup of comedy tea, go for it. Featured in the set, which includes an even dozen episodes that aired on the cable network Bravo in 2004, are commentaries on select episodes by producers Rob Roy Thomas and Jordana Arkin.

MPAA: rated TV-14

viewed at home on a small screen

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