cinemastrology: cinemascopes for the week of 03.09-03.15

Two weeks’ worth of cinemascopes, and it’s still too soon to draw any kind of conclusions about what we’re seeing here. But it is quite fascinating that while last week’s cinemascopes were really very generic, not obviously specific to moviemaking or Hollywood, this week’s can clearly be read as being very focused on the industry.

I don’t know what to make of that. I only note it with interest.

Here are the ten signs of cinemastrology, and what counsel members of each sign have received for the coming week:
il rosa della bussola (sign of the compass rose): Your call to Action! is as Cut!-ting as it is motivating. You understand the power you wield, and you appreciate it, but you also fear it. Cast yourself upon the sea of wonder.

il chicco di caffè (sign of the coffee bean): They send you to and fro in search of delicacies to comfort those more important than you, but they fail to recognize the essential role you play. “Forget” the Splenda and see what they think then.

il coltello da formaggio (sign of the cheese knife): It has always been your place to make others look better than they deserve to look. But a snip here and a tuck there can have unintended effects. You know what to do.

il libro dimenticato (sign of the forgotten book): Pound away at the board of keys: you midwife fantasy to reality, and none would thrive without the sweat of your brow. Ask for points — you may backend your way to success.

il gnocchi avanzi (sign of the leftover potato dumpling): If nothing else, this year’s accolades prove that bone-deep character is now more celebrated than skin-deep beauty. Look for your opportunity and take it — it is open to you once again.

il pressa enologic (sign of the wine press): Pay attention! What you learn now can serve you well — and pay you well — in the future. Secrets you are privy to are secrets many yearn to know. Put some important names on speed-dial and keep them informed.

il pugnale avvelenata (sign of the poisoned dagger): Get on the horn and make those calls! While you wait around for everyone else, everyone else is waiting around for you. They expect you to be a shark — don’t disappoint.

il ratto nero infetto con peste (sign of the plague-infected black rat): A killing was to be made, and you made it. Now, it’s down to get back to brass tacks — life isn’t always so easy. Insecurity surrounds you: take advantage of it. It’s what’s expected of you, at the very least.

il monarca lieto (sign of the joyful king): No one is better than you, and your dominance is absolutely secure. Find the right place for that trophy, and gaze upon it well. You are in rare company. Time to make demands.

il pittore pazzo (sign of the mad painter): There is method in your madness, and madness in your method. You care not one whit for a few bumps and bruises — what matters is the craft. Know your lines and you know yourself.

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