cinemastrology: cinemascopes for the week of 04.20-04.26

Wow! There is a real undercurrent of violence and betrayal all around in this week’s cinemascopes — it’s almost as if someone were parodying the Machiavellian nature of Hollywood!

Here are the ten signs of cinemastrology, and — according to my informer — what counsel members of each sign have received for the coming week:
il rosa della bussola (sign of the compass rose): Choose with care, for much of what is put before you is meant to distract you. It’s been many moons since you fell for such a ruse, but your defenses are weak at the moment. Take counsel when it is offered.

il chicco di caffè (sign of the coffee bean): While you run to and fro, others who retain their calm are stepping forward from the background to stab you in the back. Wear the kevlar of your conscience so you can ignore the attacks upon it.

il coltello da formaggio (sign of the cheese knife): Slashing upward or cutting down, when you wield your unexpected weapons, you force those who usually take you for granted to sit up and take notice. Sharpen those blades.

il libro dimenticato (sign of the forgotten book): Go forwad no matter what others say; you can reach the place you’re striving for, but not with them dogging at your heels. Some strings must be cut — some ties must be severed. Do not hesitate.

il gnocchi avanzi (sign of the leftover potato dumpling): Go to the pool house and look under the old planter — what you seek was hidden there long ago, probably by you. Someone else knows where the bodies are buried, though, both the literal and the figurative ones.

il pressa enologic (sign of the wine press): Have you been careful, or merely expedient? This is no arena for hastiness or impetuousness — take your time before you strike, and know at whom you’re striking. Are you sure you covered your tracks?

il pugnale avvelenata (sign of the poisoned dagger): The past is prologue, if you want it to be. Make sure that those in your thrall never forgot all that you’ve done for them. Demand payment, one way or another.

il ratto nero infetto con peste (sign of the plague-infected black rat): Happiness is an emotion little felt in your presence, but it is yours this week. Plots congeal, and plotters pay for their wicked ways. Once in a while, let go: it keeps them guessing.

il monarca lieto (sign of the joyful king): Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? We are the masters of our destiny, and we are the lords of our existence. Those who can be molded will be — those who cannot will break. You know your own strength: use it.

il pittore pazzo (sign of the mad painter): To fall from a great height is not the same as to leap; to descend to a great depth is not to fall. Much depends on dinner; little can be construed when ignorance is the path. Or can it?

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