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Rollergirls: The Complete Season One (review)

The ladies of Texas roller derby are the focus of this perfunctory reality-TV entry, which stretches the concept to the point of breaking. The skaters of the rival teams Rhinestone Cowgirls and Holy Rollers are just like ordinary women — they have the usual troubles, like finding babysitters and suffering through injuries sustained while Jell-O wrestling — except they wear little shorts and push other women wearing little shorts around on the roller rink. It’s not as titillating as it sounds. We’re meant to see these women as just like nurses or teachers or the ordinary-joan women we all know who are juggling jobs and family, but of course a show like this would never be made about nurses or teachers… and yet it’s as if the producers can’t find it in themselves to give in to the exploitive possibilities of roller-derby gals, either. I’d say this was all fake (the derby announcers are like Christopher Guest’s mockumentary dream), but it’s too boring to be invented. Extras include a bonus episode, player profiles, casting tapes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and more. Yawn.

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