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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

site was down on Saturday; blame global warming

Seriously. FlickFilosopher.com (and Geek Philosophy), as well as my email, were down for much of the day on Saturday because the extraordinary heat wave in California, where my Web host is located, caused power outages, which sent my host to backup generators, which obviously could not provide enough power to keep all its servers up and running.

Here I am in New York, where we finally got a break from the heat (but not the humidity — ugh) over the last few days (though some folks here in NYC are still without power for a week after weather-related outages), and the weather in California is tripping me up.

It’s a circle-of-life, fundamental-interconnectedness-of-all-things thing.

I’m off to see The Ant Bully this morning, then brunch with some pals, and when I get home later, I hope to get to some more Bruce Campbell stuff, and hopefully a review of My Super Ex-Girlfriend

In the meantime, consider this an open thread to talk about the weather… or maybe escaping the weather at the movies…

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