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Puppets Who Kill: The Complete Second Season (review)

Keep the kiddies far away from this one: they’re not kidding with that title. Completely vulgar and totally without any redeeming value whatsoever and very, very funny in a thoroughly NC-17 kind of way, this Canadian comedy series (it has never aired in the United States) is all about a gang psychopathic puppets — such as the ventriloquist dummy suspected of offing more than one of his stage partners — getting into trouble with sperm-bank nurses, prostitute nuns, jealous lesbians… It’s all their halfway-house social worker (human comedian Dan Redican) can do to avoid getting himself caught up in their crimes and misdemeanors. Like a late-night mashup of Benny Hill and the Muppets, this is sick, but it’s done well, even if no one involved can ever tell his or her mother about it. Extras include an interview with the puppets on Canadian morning television, commentary on select episodes with Redican and “Rocko” the puppet, and more.

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MPAA: not rated

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