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Corneil & Bernie: Season 1, Vol. 1 (review)

It’s yet another boy-and-his-dog story with yet another twist: Corneil is a genius pooch who knows he’s got it made as a spoiled-rotten pet, but his plan to keep his mouth shut (he speaks multiple languages) and coast through life on the adoration of his owners is put severely to the test when his new dog-sitter, Bernie, learns Corneil’s secret. Here, in this collection of eight madcap, 11-minute episodes — which air on Nicktoons; the series originates in France and is dubbed in Britain — Corneil’s life is a constant battle to get Bernie out of the trouble he invariably seems to land them both in; Bernie’s not too bright, certainly not as bright as Corneil, but even he can see the potential in a supersmart talking dog who wants only to be a regular mutt. The frenetic, edgy pacing of the brief stories and the just-a-bit-gonzo animation will divert kids and tickle adults fans of off-kilter toons alike. No bonus features.

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viewed at home on a small screen

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