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The Worst Week of My Life: The Complete First Season (review)

If you’ve seen Meet the Parents, you’ve seen this 2004 BBC comedy series about the general humiliation that is apparently unloaded upon all grooms at the hands of their future in-laws no matter which side of the Atlantic they’re on. The British accents may lend a touch of Benny Hill randiness to the embarrassing escapades of book publisher Howard Steel (Ben Miller: Johnny English) in the seven days leading up to his supposed-to-be posh wedding to Mel (Sarah Alexander), daughter of a wealthy high-court judge, but the feeling that we’ve seen this all before would be inescapable anyway. When in “Monday,” the first of the seven half-hour episodes here, Howard lets his wacky, dumpy secretary try on the heirloom wedding ring he’s to give Mel when they marry on Saturday, there is no question that it will get stuck on her finger — and that sets the stage for the cavalcade of obvious and puerile misadventures in marrying to come. RSVP regrets only. Extras include a blooper reel and interviews with the cast and the writers.

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