Forever Knight: The Trilogy: Part Three (review)

I haven’t seen the previous two seasons of this early 90s Canadian series, but I was instantly hooked on this last batch of 22 episodes — it’s easy to see how, more than a decade after it last aired in syndication, this vampire crime drama continues to inspire its cultish followers to make Web sites, write fan fiction, and generally worship at its supernatural feet. Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies: Puppets Who Kill) is a Toronto cop fighting the usual array of modern urban felonies — drugs, rape, murder — along with his own demons… in this case, rather more literally than the typical angst-ridden TV cop. See, he’s an 800-year-old vampire trying to atone for the genuine evil he has himself committed in the past, but the lure of the dark side is frequently too tempting. The very great pleasures of this grim and bitter series come in Nick’s battle with himself, skirmishes of which involve the mortal police pathologist (Catherine Disher) with whom he works — she loves Nick deeply and, alas, platonically, for he refuses to bring her into his vampiric life of torment and eternal guilt. But the real brilliance here is how these complex, fantastical stories, cast in nothing but shades of gray, manage to explore serious issues of life and love without ever once stepping over the line into ridiculousness or self-parody. Also included in the set are three music videos (these episodes were nomated for a Gemini award — the Canadian Emmy — for their original music).

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