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free pageviews per month dropping to 20

I’ve dropped the free page views per month to 20.

There is an extremely limited time left in which I am going to be able to keep up the enormous workload here without more support from readers. If you would be sorry to see activity here decrease dramatically, please subscribe now. You can do so by clicking on the pageviews counter at the bottom right of your screen.

Thank you.

(Please see here if you’ve subscribed and are still seeing the pageview counter and getting the reminders to subscribe.)

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I’ve been extremely disappointed by the lack of response from regular readers here to the paywall situation. Most posts remained free, while a few choice ones were premium, but then everyone got four free premium posts per month. When that didn’t prompt many people to subscribe, I dropped the free premium views to two. Still no luck.

So here’s how the new system works. Everything here is now behind a paywall. Everyone gets 99 free views per month. Here’s the catch: if you’re not a logged-in subscriber, you’re gonna get reminders after every few pageviews to pay up. After 99 pageviews, you’ll be blocked.

If you’re spending that much time here, you really need to be supporting my work here.

Two upsides to the new system:

• There’s now an option for an annual subscription.
• The full-content RSS feed (a bonus for subscribers) is now operating properly again — no posts are getting truncated.

There’s also now a way for me to alter some aspects of the site so that it appears differently to subscribers and nonsubscribers. I might look into running ads again, to appear only to nonsubscribers, for instance.

Current subscribers have already been sent an email notifying them of the change in paywall tactics. But if you’re already a subscriber, there’s nothing you need to do and you shouldn’t notice any difference at all (as long as you’re logged in, that is).

Come the new year, I’m going to be making some hard decisions about what I can continue to do here without more support from regular readers. (There are thousands of you, and only a few hundred have subscribed. I need more of you.) If you haven’t already become a subscriber, now is the time to do so.

Thank you.

(Oh, and, of course, I reserve the right to lower that 99-free number if necessary.)

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