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paywall now allows 3 free pageviews per week

UPDATE: I’ve had to drop the paywall again. Now nonsubscribers get three new pageviews per week. Everything else below still applies, so you can continue to explore the site in some limited ways without incrementing the counter.

Just one new subscriber in the last few days. This is not good. Are you people trying to kill me? If so, it’s working.

(More info on the subscription drive here.)

Inspired by this exchange between readers — one of whom needs a push to subscribe — I’ve changed the paywall a bit. It used to give nonsubscribers 20 free pageviews per month. Now it gives you seven free pageviews per week. So that’s actually eight more views per month, on average, than before.


• If you enter the site by clicking on a link from somewhere else — such a link to one of my reviews on the IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes, or because someone recommended it on Twitter or Facebook — that page you land on won’t count as a pageview.

• If you return to a page you visited before — like maybe you got involved in a conversation in comments — that page won’t make the counter tick.

• Some pages won’t ever make the counter tick, including:

the home page
the “all recent posts” page
the “all reviews” page
the “latest comments” page
(and some of the pages associated with explaining the paywall and getting help with Tinypass).

I’m doing my best to make this as painless as possible. But I need more subscribers — a lot more.


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