Hannibal Rising (review)

So, this Hannibal Lecter Babies movies, it’s mostly just boring, and in the rare few moments when it isn’t boring, the rare few moments when it dares to be even the slightest bit adventurous, it’s either risible or reprehensible. It takes one of the greatest boogeymen in the history of cinema and turns him into a comic book villain. Oh, and it’s ridiculously banal, to boot.

Because I Said So (review)

It’s not too often that I have to stifle a genuine urge to scream at a movie screen, but it was through gritted teeth that I sat through this trite, manipulative, excruciating nightmare of female pyschosis and idiocy presented as feminine adorableness.

Catch and Release (review)

A beautifully crafted film in all respects. The script, Grant’s own, is witty and wise, not reducible to catchphrases or pithy bon mots but twinging with pain and hope. And she creates an aching loveliness of psychic empty space…