Moon (review)

Someday, Rockwell will get his Oscar due, I have no doubt. But I bet that when that day comes, lots of movie lovers will look back and say, ‘But it should have happened for Moon.’

Collapse (review)

There’s a horrifying train wreck quality to documentarian Chris Smith’s feature-length interview with Michael Ruppert, former LAPD detective, investigative reporter, CIA whistleblower.

The Hurt Locker (review)

Riveting but not exciting, not in the sense that action movies have taught us to get turned on by the foreplay of countdowns and the climax of explosions…

Nine (review)

Actual Italian movies too inscrutable for ya? Don’t like reading subtitles? Hate that stodgy, old-fashioned black-and-white cinematography? Never fear! You can now have the flavor of Italian cinema without any of the fuss or mess! Just try *Nine* for that authentic faux cinema Italiano experience.