2021’s films ranked

This ranking includes only new theatrical or VOD releases viewed for the awards year of 2021, for eligibility for the OFCS and AWFJ awards; some films released in the UK without US releases (and so ineligible for those awards this year) may also be included, for my own bookkeeping purposes.

Eligibility for the Academy Awards will likely be shifted because of the coronavirus pandemic, though dates are currently unknown.

Links go to my review. Numbers after each entry are Date First Viewed/US Release Date/UK Release Date; year is 2021 unless otherwise noted.

Films without theatrical releases are typically not eligible for year-end awards like the Oscars, but it’s likely that rules will be amended this year because of the shuttering of cinemas during the crisis, as they were in 2020. In the listing below, a film’s release was theatrical unless otherwise noted:

indicates a film originally scheduled for theatrical release but released direct to VOD

indicates a film originally scheduled for theatrical release but postponed

° indicates a film released direct to streaming

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gagged smiley
my reaction under gag order for now

[none at the moment]

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my reaction under consideration

[none at the moment]

green light
worth paying multiplex prices for

[5 stars]
Pig (07.26/07.16/08.20)
Riders of Justice (05.21/05.14/07.23)
The Card Counter (09.04/09.10/11.05)
In the Heights (06.08/06.10/06.18)
Nowhere Special (07.15/TBA/07.16)
Minari (04.22/02.12/04.02°)
Boiling Point (11.29/11.19/12.29)
The Reason I Jump (06.13/01.08°/06.18)
Mogul Mowgli (10.02.20/09.03/10.30.20)
A Quiet Place: Part II (05.18/05.28/06.03)
Judas and the Black Messiah° (02.09/02.12°/03.11)
My Rembrandt (01.07/01.06°/TBA)
Bank Job (05.27/TBA/05.28)
Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts 2021 (93rd Academy Awards) (04.20/04.02/04.02°)
Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts 2021 (93rd Academy Awards) (04.19/04.02/04.02°)

[4.5 stars]
Dune (10.05/10.22/10.22)
The Delivered (aka Fanny Lye Deliver’d) (10.12.19/01.15.21°/06.26.20)
I Blame Society° (02.11/02.12/04.19)
Sweat (06.22/06.18/06.25)
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (09.28.10/09.25.19/09.25)
Candyman (08.22/08.27/08.27)
Little Girl (Petite Fille) (07.07.20/09.17/09.25.20°)
True Mothers (01.23/01.29/04.16°)
The Father (01.23/02.26/06.11)
Identifying Features (01.16/01.22/05.02°)
A Crime on the Bayou (06.16/06.18/TBA)
Cowboys° (02.06/02.12/05.07)
Test Pattern (02.13/02.12°/TBA)
Slalom (02.11/04.09/02.12°)
Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street (05.07/04.23/TBA)
MLK/FBI (01.18/01.15/01.15°)
Together (08.13/08.27/06.17°)

[4 stars]
Stray° (10.05.20/03.05/03.26)
The Suicide Squad (07.31/08.06/07.30)
Censor (09.15/06.11/08.20)
Copilot (09.09/TBA/09.10)
Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer (06.16/06.18°/TBA)
Shiva Baby (04.02/04.02/06.11°)
Raya and the Last Dragon (03.07/03.05/03.05°)
The Body Fights Back (07.20/07.13°/TBA)
Godzilla vs. Kong (03.31/03.31/04.01)
’Til Kingdom Come (02.25/02.26/01.19°)
Supernova (10.09.20/01.29/06.25)
Two of Us (01.30/02.05/07.16)
Own the Room° (03.17/03.12/03.12)
Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts 2021 (93rd Academy Awards) (04.06/04.02/04.02°)

[3.5 stars]
Jungle Cruise (07.25/07.30/07.30)
The Perfect Candidate (04.02.20/05.14/03.27.20)
Stowaway° (04.22/04.22/04.22)
Moxie° (03.07/03.03/03.03)
Les nôtres (06.16/06.18/TBA)
Cinderella° (08.31/09.03/09.03)
The Tunnel (Tunnelen)° (04.08/04.09/09.21.20)
My Zoe (02.19/02.26/10.05.20°)

yellow for maybe
worth seeing, but wait for DVD, unless your favorite actor is in it

[3 stars]
No Time to Die (09.30/10.08/09.30)
Rose: A Love Story° (10.13.20/10.01/04.05)
The Orphanage (02.27/03.02°/TBA)
Land (03.02/03.12/05.28)
The World to Come (03.05/03.12/07.23)
#Like° (01.26/01.26/11.01)
A Glitch in the Matrix (02.04/02.05/02.05°)

[2.5 stars]
Zola (06.28/06.30/08.06)
The Many Saints of Newark (09.20/10.01/09.22)
Reminiscence (08.16/08.20/08.20)
Black Widow (07.03/07.09/07.07)
Little Fish (02.10/02.05/05.10°)
Charlatan (07.01/07.23/06.28°)
Shepherd (11.26/TBA/11.26)
The Last Bus (08.26/TBA/08.27)

red for no
give it a miss

[2 stars]
Who You Think I Am (Celle que vous croyez) (04.09.20/09.03/04.10.20)
Naked Singularity (08.13/08.06/TBA)
The Little Things° (02.28/01.29/03.11)
Free Guy (08.05/08.13/08.13)
Zack Snyder’s Justice League° (03.20/03.18/03.18)

[1.5 stars]
Undergods (09.02.20/05.05/05.17)

[1 star]
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (05.29/06.04/05.26)
The Exception (Undtagelsen) (01.22/TBA/01.22)
A Perfect Enemy (07.14/06.11/07.05°)
Locked Down (03.18/01.14/03.11)
Bliss° (02.06/02.05/02.05)

[.5 stars]
Violation° (03.26/03.25/03.25)
Thunder Force° (04.12/04.09/04.09)
The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (06.14/06.16/06.14)

[0 stars]
Infinite° (06.07/06.10/10.01)
Peter Rabbit 2 (aka Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway) (05.20/06.11/05.17)

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