Bride Wars (review)

Guys, if you decide to let yourself get dragged along to *Bride Wars* because you think it means you’re gonna get lucky with the chick as a thank-you, and she likes this movie… run like hell from her. She’s poison, and she’ll make your life a misery.

trailer break: ‘Passengers’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer… Sony appears to be trying to bury this one with a limited release in the U.S. (it opens on 100 screens this Friday, and no word about any press screening in NYC, which, at this point, probably means there won’t be one), which is kinda weird. … more…

trailer break: ‘Rachel Getting Married’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer… In other words, Jonathan Demme gets Anne Hathaway to wallow in indie grunginess, and smoke in artistically appropriate ways (because movies are no longer allowed to approve of tobacco use). I bet she gets to indulge in some creative swearing and nudity, too. You know, purely … more…

Becoming Jane (review)

I love *Becoming Jane* even if it is almost entirely invented, because it captures both the aching romanticism and the cold, hard practicalities of Austen’s fiction.

Shakespeare in Love (review)

Tom Stoppard, I’ll grant you, is infinitely more clever and more talented than your run-of-the-mill fan-fiction writer. But he’s doing exactly the same thing as those hordes of writers who have continued and expanded upon the adventures of the crew of the Enterprise, the owner of the TARDIS, those two FBI agents down in the basement, and the fictional denizens of a zillion other cultish TV shows.