May 7: DVD alternatives to ‘Iron Man 2’

There’s only one story at the multiplexes this weekend: Iron Man 2, officially the most saturated new release ever at North American theaters. The film lands at 4,380 locations today — 14 more than The Dark Knight boasted two years ago — and will be on multiple screens at many of those venues. If you … more…

Ben-Hur (review)

Make no mistake — Ben-Hur is not great art. But it is great fun. Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston), a contemporary of Jesus, is a Jewish prince in Roman-ruled Judea newly reunited with his boyhood friend Messala (Stephen Boyd). Messala, a Roman, has just returned from the empire’s capital to reign as tribune, a sort of lieutenant governor, of Judea. These old pals now find themselves separated by politics — one is the ruler, the other the ruled.