female gazing at: Benjamin Bratt

I think that first picture up top is one of my favorite photos of anyone ever. I could look at it forever. Best reason to watch Law and Order reruns: (Not so secret secret: My fictional cop NYPD detective Peter Varela is modeled on Benjamin Bratt and Detective Rey Curtis.) I never could get into … more…

‘The Cleaner’ has me scratching my head

I meant to write about The Cleaner, A&E’s new scripted drama, sooner, but I still don’t know quite what to make of it. I watched a screener of the pilot before it aired on Tuesday night, and then I watched it again when it aired, and I’m still kinda scratching my head and wondering, What … more…

Thumbsucker (review)

Yup, this is the movie about the 17-year-old kid who still sucks his thumb. But don’t get too excited: there isn’t a lot of hot thumbsucking action or anything like that. Instead there’s a lot of adolescent angst, and the fact that it’s so achingly poignant and pointedly hilarious even if you’re way beyond high school makes me suspect that none of us ever really outgrow that teenage insecurity.