U.K. box office: ‘Up’ still up

It’s all those balloons holding it aloft: 1. Up: £3.8 million (3rd week; drops 26%) 2. Saw VI: £1.7 million (NEW) 3. Fantastic Mr. Fox: £1.5 million (NEW) 4. Couples Retreat: £.93 million (2nd week; drops 49%) 5. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant: £.798 million (NEW) (actual numbers, not estimates) Up had edged close … more…

Mission: Impossible 2 and Shanghai Noon (review)

Can it be a coincidence that both of the big new flicks this Memorial Day weekend — the kickoff for Hollywood’s first summer movie season of the twenty-first century — are basically Hong Kong action movies? The people who think about these kinds of things — current-events journalists, mainly — have already predicted that if the 1900s were the American century, the 2000s may well be the Asian century… but they were speaking economically and politically. I guess it’s probably inevitable that Asia would start to hold some cultural sway in the West, too.