omg: Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man

Mere days ago, I said that it was “about time Andrew Garfield broke out.” And it appears he’s on his way: a press release from Sony today announced that he has been cast as Peter Parker in the reboot of Spider-man. The press release doesn’t really have anything more to add except heaps of praise … more…

won’t you watch the merely very-good movies of 2008?

In this season of Oscar nominations and critics’ awards, gala ceremonies and acceptance speeches, won’t you give a thought to the merely very-good films of 2008, those that could not make it to the rarefied ranks of the best of the the best of the best simply because they lacked, perhaps, the benefit of the … more…

Boy A (review)

Jack Burridge did a very bad thing, years ago, as a child. Today, he’s a young man just released from a juvenile institution in a British city, trying to make his way anonymously in a world that knows all about his deed, and is not at all willing to pardon him for it.