The Dictator (review)

A stunning failure, certainly compared to Borat and Bruno. Sacha Baron Cohen is clearly aware of whom the targets of his satiric ire should be, but he couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

Arthur (review)

It must have been a fine time, back in the early 80s, when Ronald Reagan was only just embarking on his diabolical plan to kill the American middle class: we could still find carefree, spoiled-rotten billionaires kooky and captivating…

U.K. box office: ‘Up’ opens in the stratosphere

I really wish the U.K. box office numbers were available earlier in the week…: 1. Up: £6.4 million (NEW) 2. Zombieland: £1.2 million (NEW) 3. The Invention of Lying: £1.1 million (2nd week; drops 38%) 4. Fame: £.91 million (3rd week; drops 49%) 5. Love Happens: £.56 million (NEW) (actual numbers, not estimates) Unsurprisingly, the … more…