The Road (review)

This is a really great film — truly great in the classical sense of the world, as grand as our most terrible fears and as wild as our most outlandish hopes and as intimate as being alive can be.

Fantastic Mr. Fox movie review: trip the dark fantastic

Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach looked at a sweet-and-sour children’s story through a peculiarly skewed eye and said, This can be so much more. And they turned it into something touching and funny, and magically absurd and at the same time pointedly real. They turned it into something genius.

A Serious Man (review)

It’s hard to know sometimes whether the Coen Brothers are… well, not pulling our collective leg. Bbut are they actually *daring* us, with each new film, to keep coming along with them?

books to movies: ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy

Whenever there’s a movie on the horizon that’s based on a book I’ve never read, I wrestle with the conundrum: Do I read that book before I see the movie, or do I hold off and approach the movie with a completely fresh eye? There’s never a single right answer to that question, but when … more…