The Sitter (review)

I’m starting to wonder, truly and sincerely, if David Gordon Green is suffering from one of those brain tumors that radically alters one’s personality…

Your Highness (review)

It’s one thing to say that Hollywood scoops up indie filmmakers, chews them up, and spits out McG and Brett Ratner clones, which absolutely happens. But that’s on a whole ’nother level to what it has done to David Gordon Green. Someone took the most glorious bottle of vintage champagne and whipped up Tang mimosas.

wait, WHO directed ‘Pineapple Express’?

No! David Gordon Green? David “All the Real Girls” Gordon “Undertow” Green? David Gordon Green directed Pineapple Express? Get the fuck out of here! If there’s one indie filmmaker I would have predicted would resist the lure of Hollywood, it would have been David Gordon Green. Man, I am disillusioned today. (Technorati tags: David Gordon … more…