Premium Rush (review)

In real life, a bike messenger with a death wish is an urban hazard. But in a zippy popcorn flick and played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He’s a charmer…

Men in Black III (review)

A time travel plot can feel like a huge narrative swindle if not handled correctly. But there’s no big do-over button hovering over this tale. Nope: the timey-wimey stuff here is clever, funny, thrilling, even poignant.

Ghost Town (review)

Maybe Ricky Gervais is a funny guy, but you’d never know it from this charmless excuse for a supernatural romantic comedy…

Death to Smoochy and Panic Room (review)

A movie is never more of a crushing disappointment than when you’ve gotten your hopes up, when against your better judgment you’ve bought into the hype and the advertising and the how-can-it-miss high concept. Imagine how sad the entire geek community is going to be if Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man sucks. (But it can’t suck, right? Right? I mean, it’s Sam Raimi. It’s Spider-Man. Please, whatever movie gods there are, don’t make it suck. Don’t do that to us.)