The Wolfman (review)

The metallic tang of blood is all over the elegant facade of this mysteriously disappointing, dispassionately underpowered story of a British aristocrat who dances with the devil, in the form of a werewolf curse, in the pale moonlight.

trailer break: ‘The Wolfman’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… I’d been hearing about Benicio Del Toro in a Wolfman reboot for a while, but it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be set in the present day. I’m not sure why, I just assumed it would be modern. I guess they’re adhering more closely to … more…

Road to Perdition movie review: pulp fiction

There’s not a thing that isn’t hauntingly, quietly electrifying about this, the first truly grown-up comic book movie. Fans of the medium have known for years that the form had no trouble being Important, but the film industry (though perhaps not all filmmakers themselves) has stubbornly insisted on treating comic adaptations as juvenile.