Flight (review)

Appears to poke, and not kindly, at how our society enables abusers of drugs and alcohol… until it stops being that interesting.

Flight (trailer)

I can’t remember a trailer for a film that wasn’t science fiction or fantasy rocking me like this one does… and most of those trailers don’t do that, either.

Safe House (review)

Oo oo oo, it’s CIA action porn when Safe House finally gets going, all mysterious black SUVs and “kill the surveillance cameras” and stoic badassery all round…

Unstoppable (review)

A runaway freight train loaded with dangerous chemicals is heading into a densely populated area! It’s a missile the size of the Chrysler Building! But wait! A reliable old-hand Hollywood star and a hungry new up-and-comer will save us all! Though there will be some explosions for your entertainment!