Collapse (review)

There’s a horrifying train wreck quality to documentarian Chris Smith’s feature-length interview with Michael Ruppert, former LAPD detective, investigative reporter, CIA whistleblower.

Green Zone (review)

Spoiler alert! Jason Bourne does not find the WMDs in Iraq. Sorry to ruin *Green Zone* for you, but surely reality already did that years ago.

watch it: “Don’t Copy That 2 – COMING SOON!”

If you remember floppies, then you probably remember “Don’t Copy That Floppy” and “anti-piracy hero MC Double Def DP.” Yes, kiddies, that was the kind of condescension your elders had to put up with in the wild pioneer days of the digital age, back in the early 90s. But you’re in for a new taste … more…

W. (review)

Surely this is the greatest satire of the American presidency ever made for film. It’s kinda like *Being There,* but far more terrifying: instead of a wise, gentle idiot becoming president, here it’s an incurious, perpetually adolescent idiot who ascends to the highest office in the land. Surely this would be a horror story if it were true…

5 reasons I’m psyched for ‘W.’

All this week! 5 movies I’m psyched for in October, and 5 reasons why. No. 5: W. [opens limited October 17]. 1. Oliver Stone can be a nut — see JFK — but he’s a highly entertaining nut: JFK may be a complete fantasy (I’m not saying it is for sure, just that it may … more…