trailer break: ‘Last Chance Harvey’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer… Doh! I wanna say that this is, annoyingly, one of those trailers that gives away more than it should, except that it doesn’t matter, because pretty much from the opening moments of the movie, you know almost everything that’s going to happen anyway. Still, that’s no … more…

Rain Man (review)

Barry Levinson’s Rain Man was so seminal a film that its title character’s nickname and dialogue have entered the vernacular — we’ve all said ‘Kmart sucks’ and ‘I’m an excellent driver’ once or twice, right? Beneath the film’s gentle odd-couple comedy and astonishingly affecting performance by Dustin Hoffman as the autistic savant Raymond Babbitt, however, is a sharp drama about emotionality, frustration, and the capacity we all have for surprising ourselves by changing.

Kramer vs. Kramer (review)

I wonder where Billy Kramer would be today. Six years old when his self-indulgent, self-involved yuppie parents split, in Kramer vs. Kramer, the poor tyke is traumatized by his mother’s abandonment of him and his father’s halfhearted (at first) attempts at parenting, and even the very last scene of the movie, which is supposed to make us cheer for his mother’s last-minute change of heart, is just another example of the constant jerking around the little guy receives from his parents.

Midnight Cowboy (review)

From my perspective thirty years on, I can only guess that it was Midnight Cowboy’s shock value at the time of its original release that created its reputation as a ‘great film.’