oh my god, do I hate CNN’s Rick Sanchez

I confess that on days when I’m working at home, I sometimes keep CNN on in the background if there isn’t something compelling for the background on Sci Fi. (I have no idea WTF Charlie Jade is, and there’s no cute guys in it, so I’m on CNN this afternoon.) But dear Edward R. Murrow … more…

Television Under the Swastika (review)

The Nazi Channel When you think “early television,” you think Ernie Kovacs and The Twilight Zone and Edward R. Murrow and I Love Lucy and quiz scandals and Rockefeller Center and the NBC peacock and doctors endorsing cigarettes. Turns out, though, that the 1950s were not the beginning of TV as a mass medium: that … more…

Good Night, and Good Luck. (review)

Are you now, or have you ever been, a journalist? That’s what *Good Night, and Good Luck.* feels like, a smooth, sardonic smack in the face of today’s so-called newspeople, the cinematic equivalent of a withering glare and a disdainful roll of the eyes. Oh, this is an angry movie, calm and collected on the surface and seethed with reeled-in rage underneath. Yeah, it’s about Edward R. Murrow and how he took on McCarthy’s insanity, but what it’s really about is how we need a Murrow now and is there no one, not one supposed journalist, with the balls to take up Murrow’s mantle of integrity and honesty and fearlessness?