question of the day: Is the end of ‘ER’ the end of an era?

NBC’s long-running doctor drama ER wraps up forever tonight, and a recent article in Los Angeles Times suggests that when the series goes, so goes with it our former ideas about what constitutes network television, or perhaps simply “television” itself: With its technical innovations and reliance on realism, “ER” changed dramatic television. And when NBC … more…

Kramer vs. Kramer (review)

I wonder where Billy Kramer would be today. Six years old when his self-indulgent, self-involved yuppie parents split, in Kramer vs. Kramer, the poor tyke is traumatized by his mother’s abandonment of him and his father’s halfhearted (at first) attempts at parenting, and even the very last scene of the movie, which is supposed to make us cheer for his mother’s last-minute change of heart, is just another example of the constant jerking around the little guy receives from his parents.