Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (review)

You have to give them credit, whoever came up with idea of blowing regular ol’ movies up to IMAX size, because it has brought back to movie theaters the kind of spectacle we simply can’t reproduce at home, not even with plasma widescreens and blu-ray players. I saw *Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa* in IMAX: It. Is. Jaw-droppingly. Gorgeous.

Madagascar (review)

‘Ahhhh! Nature! It’s all over me! Get it off!’ screams Melman the urban giraffe once he reaches the titular island in *Madagascar,* and New Yorkers will scream, too, with laughter, because we recognize ourselves in it, and everyone else will scream with laughter because they’ll think it’s making fun of our neuroses. But we like our neuroses just fine, thank you, and appreciate the tribute to them that *Madagascar* is.