Drive Angry 3D (review)

I’d like to call Drive Angry Ghost Rider 2: Ghost Driver, except that a sequel to Cage’s previous awful example of cinematic demonic road rage is, in fact, already in production, for our sins. I might better call it Con Air Goes to Hell, because of the beautiful — and by beautiful, I mean, of course, vile and reprehensible — way it picks up the gauntlet thrown down by that violently misogynist film and slaps that gauntlet right at the viewer. In 3D!

trailer break: ‘When in Rome’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… OMG! Kristen Bell is soooo cute! It’s always adorable when cute little blondes are klutzes! OMG! It’s so true that cute little blondes have sooooo much trouble attracting men! OMG! Thank god for magic, which is the only way a cute little blonde could get a date, … more…