It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (review)

Snarky and sweet at the same time and loaded with cameos of celebs having a great time, it’s even set in the old Muppet Theater, like the show was, with the star on the door of Miss Piggy’s dressing room and Statler and Waldorf heckling from the balcony and everything. I felt 8 years old again.

Beavis & Butt-Head Do Christmas (review)

The Meanspirit of the Season When the sticky-sweet sentiments of the season threaten to send into a diabetic coma and you’re ready to take hostages if you hear that Muzak rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” over the mall loudspeaker system one more goddamn time, then you are ready for the twisted and profane Beavis & … more…

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol (review)

Okay, so it’s not a movie. But Blackadder’s Christmas Carol is my favorite variation on the beloved Charles Dickens story of one man’s dramatic change of heart. Remember, though, dear reader, to take into account that I am a heartless bitch — anyone with an ounce of sentiment will be thoroughly appalled by this entirely mean-spirited black comedy.

It’s a Wonderful Life (review)

Remember that ‘alternate ending’ of It’s a Wonderful Life that Saturday Night Live came up with years ago? George never finds out what happened to that $8,000 that nearly ruined him, and the film ends on a happy note when the townspeople pitch in to raise the money. SNL’s ending was a little darker: Someone discovers that Potter has George’s money, and so we’re treated to the spectacle of Dana Carvey as Jimmy Stewart leading a lynch mob: ‘Well, let’s get ‘im!’ Carvey’s George cries. That’s more the ending I’d like to see.