bias update: March 29

obsession: Canadian TV (and film) (because I’m hungry for something new and good) boyfriend: Jack Davenport in FlashForward (because he’s just basically the most perfect man ever) psyched: Matt Smith’s debut as the Doctor (though I’m dreading it a little, too, like I haven’t since Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davison… and I was already … more…

U.K. box office: ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ invades Britain

Ahhh! It’s a giant 3D movie! 1. Monsters vs. Aliens: £4.3 million (NEW) 2. The Boat That Rocked: £1.8 million (NEW) 3. Knowing: £.97 million (2nd week; drops 61%) 4. Marley & Me: £.82 million (4th week; drops 51%) 5. The Haunting in Connecticut: £.75 million (2nd week; drops 33%) (actual numbers, not estimates) I … more…

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (review)

Oh, thank the gods. Thank crazy Walt Disney’s head in a cryogenic freezer. Thank the army of producers and FX geeks and writers and cast and studio execs and focus-group gurus and everyone else who made this prepackaged, ready-for-synergy-marketing, lowest-common-denominator junk cinema the most cheesalicious, escape-a-riffic it could be.