Where Are the Women? Poltergeist

A comparison with the 1982 original makes it easy to demonstrate how much movies have given themselves over to men’s journeys in recent decades. [This post is not behind the paywall.]

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (review)

Oh, glorious steampunk! Oh, glorious Victoriana! Oh, for a time when men were men (and not little boys) and industry meant hard work (and not corporate malfeasance) and optimism (and not despair) ruled the day. When the future was so bright, you hadda wear shades.

John Carpenter’s The Ward (review)

Crazy hot girl is hot, I guess. Is there something perceived to be sexy about mental illness? Cuz there would appear to be no purpose here unless it’s intended to get lonely horny guys off on the idea of the tediously banal Amber Heard locked in a depressing mental institution and subject to electroshock therapy rocking her bod.