Management (review)

There’s nothing wrong with fantasy. Movies are fantasies. But I’m so tired of male fantasies constantly being catered to while female fantasies are all but ignored.

trailer break: ‘Management’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Oh, dear. Is this Stalking: The Movie? Many, many romantic comedies feature the male protagonists engaging in behavior that would be considered felonious and would garner a restraining order in real life, but this movie looks like it goes further than the genre typically does. I adore … more…

A History of Violence and Derailed (review)

I knew nothing about *A History of Violence* before I sat down to watch it, absolutely nothing except that it starred Viggo Mortensen, and that that was enough to make me want to see it. I had even managed to avoid hearing that this was a David Cronenberg film, knowledge that certainly would have colored my expectations about it, as would have the knowledge, which I did not have until just before the movie began, that this was based on a graphic novel.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (review)

Oh my god could this be any more delicious? It’s hot and sexy and stuff blows up real good and there’s genuine *wit* and smarts and luscious allowance for the mysteries of lusty attraction and even lustier strife between men and women and did I mention it’s hot and sexy even though there’s hardly any actual sex worth mentioning actually in the movie?