Paul Newman, 1925–2008

I heard about Paul Newman’s death tonight from the front page of a newspaper in a gas station in Stratford-upon-Avon, which means it must have been announced yesterday. Feel free to chat here about favorite Newman roles and other public works (spaghetti sauce, charitable works, etc.).

The Sting (review)

The Sting is pretty universally acknowledged as one of the best films ever made. From the flawless performances all round to the clever script, this is movie magic that approaches a kind of wizardry. Not a note is out of place — every line, every scene builds on what’s come before until it ends so breathlessly and abruptly that it leaves you astounded at its audacity. Lonnegan’s not the only one who gets conned; writer David S. Ward and director George Roy Hill sting the viewer, too. This is just about as perfect as movies come.