bias update

obsession: Doctor Who (always and forever) boyfriend: Peter Davison in The Last Detective at the moment (but pretty much forever in anything) psyched: Watchmen (woo-hoo!) dreading: Fired Up! (though it looks so bad I might skip it entirely) enemy: everyone responsible for New in Town (what were they thinking?)

Peter Davison, with a not-rubbish beard

Speaking of gorgeous guys and The Last Detective… Included in the Complete Collection DVD set of The Last Detective is an interview with Peter Davison. And he’s very charming as he talks about the show (I met him twice years ago in Doctor Who fandom settings, and he was charming then, too). But he also … more…

Jamie Bamber in ‘The Last Detective’

All through my viewing of The Last Detective, familiar faces kept popping up. One episode features, in a small role, Peter Davison’s own daughter, Georgia Moffat (not playing a relation to his character, though) — she, of course, played the Doctor’s cloned offspring in “The Doctor’s Daughter.” That same episode of Last Detective also featured … more…

Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series (review)

I spent hours this afternoon going through the new *Doctor Who Series 4* DVD set, and I barely even scratched the surface. And still: I think I might have to go lie down for a while. I’ve gotten a bit overexcited, a bit overwhelmed. There’s so much stuff in it, so much beyond just the episodes, that my fangirl gland is overheating.