DVDs to vote by

If the last seven-plus years of life in America have been, ahem, something of an ongoing challenge to the ideals of the U.S. Constitution, well, tomorrow, when we vote on Election Day, we get a say in how the next four-to-eight years will go. But in case you need a reminder of some of the things the Constitution promises citizens, here are a few flicks to bring you up to speed.

watch it: “The Theft of 2008”

Greg Palast is an American journalist who had to go to England to do his job. Now he works for that wacko pinko commie outfit known as the BBC. This 14-minute report appeared on BBC Newsnight — it’s the equivalent of your local nightly news, but you try looking for something of this depth on … more…

The Deal (review)

They’re trying to sell this 2003 movie as ‘the prequel to *The Queen.*’ It’s right there on the DVD box. Don’t be fooled by it.