‘Warehouse 13’ debuts on Sci Fi, er, SyFy tonight

SyFy is kicking off its on-air rebranding with the debut of a series that, clearly, it has high hopes for as some sort of anchor for the network’s “new” image. Alas that Warehouse 13 — premering with a two-hour pilot tonight at 9pm Eastern — feels like more of the same-old not-too-daring Sci Fi Channel … more…

why does TV suck so much lately?

I’ve given up on Sarah Connor Chronicles and Heroes. Given up on blogging about them on an episode-by-episode basis like I have been doing. I’m still watching… sort of. Because what I really mean when I say that I watch something on TV is that I give it my undivided attention, which means that that … more…

‘Sanctuary’ debuts tonight on Sci Fi

It’s a little bit *Matrix*y, a little bit *Hellboy*ish, a little bit *Buffy,* a little bit *Beauty and the Beast* (the Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton urban fantasy, that is). So I can’t believe how really boring the pilot is.