Burlesque (review)

Oh, cheese, glorious cheese! Christina Aguilera gets off a bus from Iowa in Los Angeles with nothing but a coupla bucks in her pocket and aspirations of stardom. As a dancer. Or maybe a singer. But something flashy, anyway: it’s L.A., after all!

Easy A (review)

The secret is out: Hollywood knows how to make movies about authentic female human beings. It just chooses not to do so 97 percent of the time.

Julie & Julia (review)

It’s just about two women doing something for themselves, for their own amusement and enlightenment, and not even to please their men — hell, they’re not even competing for the *same* man!

Swing Vote (review)

You almost want to hug ‘Swing Vote,’ too, it’s so cute in how it thinks that it’s not too late for all that, that one-man-one-vote really is something akin to, well, maybe nine innings of baseball on a glorious summer’s day.