End of Watch (review)

David Ayer has pulled off an all-new LAPD cop action drama with a vibrancy so electric that the screen seems to sing from the film’s opening moments, and keeps ringing long after the film ends.

End of Watch (trailer)

I am very much looking forward to this, and fully expect it to be the same sort of brutal, depressing shit about rampant corruption and general awfulness that David Ayer always brings.

Salt (review)

*Salt* works. As in breathless-nonstop–action-intensity works. Oh, sure, it’s nutty-as-a-fruitcake insane at the same time, but being this hugely entertaining goes a long way toward making you not want to laugh at it.

trailer break: ‘Salt’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Now, am I being too much of a conspiracy theorist to wonder if the whole Russian spy ring news story that broke recently and today was suddenly wrapped up in a remarkably civilized and surprisingly secret-prison-free manner could possibly have been planted by Sony Pictures to convince … more…

Street Kings (review)

I’ve been seesawing with myself on Street Kings since… well, since I was sitting in the screening room watching it. It’s not an easy movie to recommend — I can’t honestly be totally gung-ho on it — but it’s not an easy movie to dismiss, either.