‘Torchwood’ blogging: “Countrycide”

I’m probably in the minority on this, but I like that there turned out to be no psychopathic alien influence at work here. I like that ‘Torchwood’ isn’t pretending that you have to leave the planet or import creatures from outer space in order to find terrible things.

‘Torchwood’ blogging: “Small Worlds”

It’s funny, but as much as I really like ‘Torchwood,’ rewatching it is not quite as much fun as rewatching ‘Doctor Who.’ I never get tired of ‘Doctor Who,’ and I constantly find new stuff to hash over in those episodes — these, not so much. They’re fun, and I’m certainly not saying that I dislike the show, but it’s not as rich in material as ‘Who’ is.

‘Torchwood’ blogging: “Ghost Machine”

I’m nearly done watching all of the first season of ‘Torchwood’ — just one more episode to go — and when I look back at this episode, it feels to me like the show is still treading water here while it tries to figure out what it’s got on its hands. Compared to what’s to come later in the season, this is nothin’.