Inbred Rednecks (review)

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In case the title doesn’t clue you in, know this: Inbred Rednecks was Screaming Stoner Video’s Stoner Classic of the Year, 1999. A “rude movie” by Joshua P. Warren — who wrote, directed, and did practically everything else — this little slice of North Carolina redneck life is getting a theatrical run in NYC starting today (or you can also buy a video here). Sort of like Clerks as Billy Bob Thornton might reimagine it if Angelina put a gun to his head and said, “Make me laugh,” this cheerfully crude cult flick puts the Wayans and the Farrellys to shame. Warren knows, unlike his Hollywood brethren, that real life is a nasty and abhorrent enough source of comedy — the clumsy, boorish, and coarse of the world don’t need their behavior embellished to be hilarious. When Billy Bob (Brent Ponder) brags that he’s got the biggest cock in town, he ain’t kiddin’ — you should see the size of the rooster he’s entering in the local Saturday night chicken fights. Bigass Rooster — that’s the chicken’s name — makes Billy Bob the local alpha male, which pisses off the demoted Monty (Steve Lewis), the former king of the cockfight, and the battle is joined. From the horror of chicken-napping to the terror of asking out pretty girls, from scary midgets to moonshine-guzzling sheriffs, from the distress of attempting to communicate with non-English speaking foreigners to the panic of meeting the first black guys these country bumpkins have ever seen, Billy Bob, his brother Joe Bob (Jesse Hooper), and their pals Clovis (Warren) and Bubba (Shannon “Redman” Franklin) handle it all like the genial idiots they are: with fountains of blood and vomit, a good dose of outdoor urination, and a whole lotta ass-whuppin’. I reckon this is the funniest movie about an enormous cock I’ve ever seen. It’s a refreshing — if thoroughly disgusting — breath of rancid air that is all the more disturbingly charming for not having been bastardized by Hollywood.

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