Extreme Ops (review)

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Oh, it’s extreme, all right. Extremely dumb. Extremely confusing. Extremely boring. A group of extremely unappealing filmmakers and extremely self-absorbed X Games rejects — led by the extremely unengaging Rufus Sewell (Bless the Child) and the extremely annoying Devon Sawa — head into the Swiss Alps to film a TV commercial for a product we are extremely unconcerned with, and in fact never see. At a resort under construction at the top of a mountain, they meet extremely evil Serbian war criminals who are extremely interested in not being met. Using the powers of extreme snowboarding and extreme digital-videoing, our extremely unlikely heroes do extremely little besides snowboard and make videos in order to bring the bad guys to an extremely rough justice, though not after an extremely long 55 minutes of extremely pointless canoodling around in hot tubs, trading supposedly charming insults, and goofing around in the snow. Extreme measures should be taken to avoid this one, lest the viewer require extreme unction.

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