Darkness Falls (review)

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Theoretically, the idea of a supernatural being sneaking into a child’s bedroom and paying cash money for a body part should be creepy… but since when does the Tooth Fairy inspire terror? Guess what? She still doesn’t. Jonathan Liebesman’s laughable and cheap-looking would-be thriller pits Kyle Walsh (Chaney Kley: Legally Blonde) and Caitlin Greene (Emma Caulfield), the world’s oldest-looking 22-year-olds, against a flying witch who hates the kiddies in the town of Darkness Falls — the town with perhaps the most ludicrously prophetic name ever, seeing as how its tormentor can’t stand the light and waits in shadow to kill the kids who dare to sneak a peek at her face when she comes for their baby teeth in the dead of night. Kyle, poor soul, has been menaced by her all his life, and now it’s time to make a stand. It’s just as silly as it sounds. The Magical Beings Anti-Defamation Society should sue someone. Who’s next? The Easter Bunny?

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