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A Man Apart (review)

Ugh. Him Vin Diesel. Him big lug. *grunt* Him DEA. Him make big bust. Him wife killed by druglord. Him sad. Him vow vengeance. (sound of indecent scratching) Him no control self. Him go crazy. Him boss must ask for gun and badge, which him shames with him behavior. Ugh. Cars go fast. Zoom! Cars blow up. Boom! Bullets! Shooting! Bang! Bang! *grunt* Him remember wife. Him more sad. Him was more sane before her go away. Must kill to avenge! Kill! Kill! Him chase scuzzy dealers. Him make deals with evil kingpins. Him become monster too. Him no like irony. Ugh.

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MPAA: rated R for strong graphic violence, language, drug content and sexuality

viewed at a semipublic screening with an audience of critics and ordinary moviegoers

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